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Welcome! This project is about merging nature conservation, photography, and storytelling in order to protect biodiversity. The beautiful and astonishing variety of life on Earth is under threat from human activity. But we can also protect the wild by using one of our most human qualities: the ability to tell stories.

Storytelling takes many forms. One of the more popular and accessible forms is digital photography. Wildlife photography allows us to experience and remember nature in a unique way, and share that experience with others. Through wildlife photography and other types of storytelling, maybe we can protect the many creatures who call this planet home.




About the Wild Focus Project

What it is, and how it came to be

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Wildlife photographers and their unique perspectives on nature

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Why biodiversity matters, and actions you can take to help protect it



News, special topics, science, natural history, and photography tips


This website was created by Emma Hanisch, as part of her Master's Degree in Science Communication from the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand, under the supervision of Mr. Ross Johnston.


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