out of the dust.jpg

R.J. says: Taken during my first time working for Save the Elephants in Shaba, Kenya in 2006, I photographed matriarch Saturn of the Planet's group while she took a dust bath (Saturn was the oldest elephant in the study area at that time). As she reached up with her trunk and blew the soil down her face, the dust swirled around her head, illuminating her trunk and tusks for a split second as I quickly captured the moment. Out of the Dust was featured in the coffee table book and London exhibition Remembering Elephants in 2016. Elephants are such magical and ethereal beings, full of emotion and generations of wisdom passed down from their elders. Today they face a mass extinction with close to 100 elephants a day being poached for their ivory (one every fifteen minutes). It is my hope that this image conveys some of their majesty and power, and inspires the world to take action in helping to secure the future of elephants in Africa.