conch crawl.jpg

Don says: Since our retirement, my wife and have I found the journey is often more important, and certainly more fun, than the destination. This photo exemplifies that philosophy to me. I never did figure out where this guy was going, but I sure enjoyed watching his journey!

We were staying in Fort Myers Beach, Florida for a few days in early December. I woke up early and arrived at the “Little Estero” about an hour before sunrise. While walking the beach, I noticed several live Conch snails on the beach about 15 feet from the receding surf. I spent the next hour moving back and forth from the beach to the estero waiting for the needed light. I laid on the wet sand for about 20 minutes, and took pictures of the Conch with my macro lens, while desperately trying to keep the “human shellers” and dogs away from my find. After previewing my shots, I was satisfied I had captured great close-ups of the snail, but I realized that I had missed capturing the “story.” I put my 300mm lens back on my camera and concentrated on capturing the snail, but also the “S” curve showing its journey.