Dee Ann says: Biodiversity abounds in the sub-Antarctic and Antarctic polar region, which is home to seals, penguins, albatross , petrels and hundreds of other bird species. There are 17 penguin species, but only six reside in the Antarctic on a permanent basis; yet only two call the continent of Antarctica home: emperors and adelies.  Chinstraps, macaronis and gentoos can be found in South Georgia as well as the Antarctic Peninsula, but the king penguins prefer the warmer climate found on South Georgia. The tapestry of wildlife continues with six species of seal living in these regions also: southern elephant seal, Antarctic fur seal, leopard seal, Ross seal, crabeater seal and Weddell seal. Salisbury Plain is a coastal plain on the Scotia Sea that has become a haven for a colony of 250,000 king penguins along with breeding Antarctic fur seals.  It is a spectacle that you have to see to believe as king penguins and their fuzzy furry brown chick dot the landscape for as far as you can see.