Dee Ann says: Like my other “home away from home” of Alaska, Tanzania brings me to the core of my being… Africa in my Soul. I’ve found no other place on earth where life holds together so visibly with the unity I experience here. The land, the vegetation, the wildlife, the weather, my Tanzania family of friends and of course its beautiful native culture; all woven together in a gorgeous tapestry of life, almost a showplace of “what’s possible” for life on Earth. This image is just one example of this extraordinary biodiversity of east Africa, yet for me, still one of my favorite images I have taken over the 16 years I have been photographing here. Truly Africa’s tapestry as Maasai giraffe, plains zebra, cape buffalo and cattle egret emerge from the thick forest of Arusha National Park in the early morning and are drawn to the lush vegetation and water of the “Little Serengeti” following the long rains of May.